Kate + Isaac // Marblemount, Washington // Diablo Lake – North Cascades National Park

Up the gigantic hill we drove with speed! We reached Diablo Lake just as the light was starting to disappear behind the Northern Cascades. Kate had changed into the perfect flowing white dress and the sky was radiant. Just a quick glance around, a secret trail behind an information center, and the perfect setting for artistic engagement portraiture opened up. The wind blew with the heightened speed of our elevation and the sun dipped quickly. Joyous laughter turned to beautifully moody affections. A perfect sunset glow backlit our evening shoot spent with Kate + Issac as they soaked up the last of its new summer warmth.


We finished up our evening drinking Seattle beers from a well stocked cooler and hearing more about the vision they have for their wedding day. We watched the stars come out while making new connections and sharing delicious food and drinks, these are the things that make it easy to see why we do this. Being a photographer in the Pacific North West is amazing.

Engagement photo with the cascade mountains in the background at North Cascades National Park

Moody black and white engagement photo at North Cascades National Park

Engagement photo at Diablo Lake at sunset in Northern Washington

Moody sunset engagement photo in North Cascades National Park


Incase you missed it, take a look at how our adventure session with Kate + Isaac began!

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