Jordin + Adam // Portland, Oregon // SE Industrial District

I honestly don’t think we’ve ever laughed more during a shoot. From our first email, we knew it was meant to be. Jordin and Adam wanted a candid, natural, and fun engagement session so we spent a drizzly afternoon simply hanging out as they would any other day. That meant starting at Kachka for some vodka, beer, and the best Moscow Mule I’ve ever had in my life. After the drinks took effect and those ‘getting your photo taken’ nerves started to fade, we decided to move on. Up next, we headed towards their favorite bar, The Elvis Room. But not before a quick stroll around the Southeast Industrial District. After taking advantage of the amazing murals on every street we danced around some puddles, then were delighted to find a marching band practicing one block up. Clearly, we couldn’t pass up this opportunity, I mean, they were already dancing. The band was happy to have us jump in for a minute on the way the bar and now I feel that every shoot should have a full-on marching band. That seems reasonable. We capped off the evening by making a scene with overly loud laughter, the kind that makes you almost fall out of the booth, and exploring the fluorescent-lit corners of the basement. It was a pretty perfect day.

Engagement photo at Kachka in Portland, Oregon

Engagement photo in the Southeast industrial district in Portland

Candid engagement photo in Portland, Oregon

Artistic engagement photo in Portland, Oregon

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