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Katie + Kyle  //  Florence, Oregon  //  Family Farm

Katie and Kyle got married at a family friend’s farm up in the hills of Florence, Oregon just down the road from their home. We rode a gator up to the top of the hill for sunset and it was one of the most beautiful views we’ve seen in Oregon. The hills stretched for miles and the colors were mesmerizing, we even got to catch a glimpse of the moon before heading back to dance our hearts out. It was a lovely day filled with close family, friends, and of course, lots of dancing. Congratulation, Katie and Kyle!

Chelsi + Jason // Whistler, BC, Canada  //  Nita Lake Lodge

What a wonderful way to start off our 2018 wedding season! Spending the week with Chelsi, Jason, their families, and friends in beautiful Whistler, BC, Canada was an amazing experience that we will never forget. Whistler is a special place for these two and Nita Lake Lodge was the perfect venue for them to celebrate. One of our favorite things about destination weddings is the extended time you get to spend with the people you love most. These two are some amazing human beings surrounded by really great people and we couldn’t be happier that they invited us to capture such an incredible time in their lives.

Lauren + Nick // Langley, Washington  //  Fireseed Catering

Lauren and Nick both grew up in the Pacific Northwest and wanted to incorporate as much of it into their wedding as possible. Fireseed Catering on Whidbey Island explodes with color and the surrounding forrest made it the perfect venue for their celebration.  These two, their friends, and family were so amazing to be around and had one of the most impressive dance parties we’ve seen yet.

Aubree + Lisa  //  Seattle, Washington  //  Golden Gardens Park + Blue Ribbon Culinary Center

After capturing their engagement last Spring we couldn’t wait to travel back to Seattle to celebrate Lisa and Aubree’s wedding. Not only was it the hottest day in Seattle all summer but it was also covered in smoke due to all the wild fires. They were amazing, no amount of heat or smoke could take away from how happy these ladies were to be marrying each other.

Since Lisa and Aubree are both from the Midwest and most people would be traveling to they chose to have a small intimate wedding with their closest family and friends. That gave them the ability  to take the time to really enjoy the day with those they love most. We feel so lucky that we got the opportunity to know these two wonderful humans and share in such an amazing day. Congratulations, Lisa and Aubree!

Chelsea  //  Story City, Iowa

I met Chelsea in a human behavior class in college back in 2010. We immediately clicked and bonded over music and art. We’ve always kept in touch and over the past few years have met up just for fun to create something beautiful and fun. It’s something I look forward to every year <3

Thanks to Chelsea for being such an amazing human, always willing to create and try something new. And to Soltice Intimates for these amaaaaazzziinnngg handmade pieces.


Sami + Sean // Sawyer, Michigan

We were so happy to join Sami and Sean at their family cabin on Lake Michigan to capture their intimate wedding. These two have been together for over a decade so having their closest friends and family together at the family cabin to celebrate their wedding was extremely special. After the ceremony we headed over to their favorite pizza place, Stop 50 (which is crazy good!), and then got to go exploring around town to their favorite spots they’ve been going to since high school. We ended the day watching the sun set over the lake on the same swing they had visited years earlier.

Unfortunately, one friend was taken to the wrong address by her GPS for the ceremony so there obviously had to be a reenactment the next morning! And clearly that reenactment needed to be followed by a morning dip in Lake Michigan. Thanks to Sami and Sean for always being up for an adventure and inviting us to share in such a wonderful day!