Photo by Fer Juaristi

We want to start by saying thank you! It means so much to us that you’ve taken the time to look through our work and are considering us to play such an important role in your wedding. Our belief is that in order to create something real and unique we need to connect not just artistically but personally. We want to get to know you and for you to get to know us.

Since the beginning of our relationship we bonded over our love for creativity and desire to be different. We’ve spent the last decade as partners and best friends. Our journey together has moved us across the country to the Pacific Northwest where we’ve never felt more at home. We spend our time going on new adventures, meeting new people, playing with our dogs, being crazy cactus lovers, and watching movies every chance we get. We feel it’s important here to let you know that Aliens is the best movie of all time.

We did not actually set out to be wedding photographers. Taylor began college majoring in commercial photography. He loved playing with light and composition and had a passion for capturing live music. Madye pursued social work and was fascinated by human connection and relationships. After college Taylor began working at a small studio in Iowa and Madye started her career as a social worker focusing on families and interpersonal relationships. Though we both loved what we were doing we felt like something was missing.

Everything kept coming back to our love for movies. When we talked about our goals and what we wanted our life to look like there was a reoccurring theme, wanting to create something cinematic and real. We wanted to make other people feel the way we did when we were inspired by a movie. Watching a story unfold and being transported to a different time or place was unlike anything else to us. What we love about photographs is the ability to visually tell a story with no need for words. We want to make art that transports you to a feeling.

The first wedding we ever shot blew us away. Once we realized that we could combine our love for art and the connection between people on a day filled with so much emotion, we were hooked. Every wedding is a unique story and every couple is different. A story unfolds throughout the whole day and we want capture it exactly as you felt it. When couples trust us and let go, together we create a work of art that is personal and meaningful. And that’s why we love what we do.